A Few Things About Bad Days – Metaphorical Story Time

This is a post that I would like to share with you that does (thankfully!) follow along my niche of lifestyle and health about simply having a bad day. This can technically be a follow-up post following “A Take On Depression,” and this will include some personal pieces of wisdom I have gathered on three, um, concepts of sorts that I have gathered to help you through the day, or any length of time you may be feeling at a loss. I hope this post will help you feel more motivated and inspired to keep going!

The first thing I will talk about, before the story is presented, is how transitory, or temporary, this bad day is. As the image above implies, one bad day, or five bad days, does not mean a bad life; there is a good day coming up, and you are unlikely to live the rest of your life in this pit of emotional darkness or emptiness. For this, you will need perseverance, direction, and coping methods.

So, if you’re having a bad day, or a bad week, it’s of high importance to be perseverent, or simply being willing to keep going despite the circumstances. To explain the importance of perseverance, direction/purpose, and having coping methods during a bad day, I will use the metaphor of being lost during a road trip without a GPS or any form of navigational tool (you don’t have a phone or a local buddy with you either, don’t try to cheat me… people out there who like using hypotheticals… I’m prepared for you). So, the metaphor goes; if you’re on a road trip in Kentucky trying to get to the town of Monkey’s Brow to visit a friend, and get lost, you will not find Monkey’s Brow by giving up your search, pulling over, and turning your engine off to sit there and think about how you’re lost and can’t seem to find Monkey’s Brow. By sitting there, in a motionless car, thinking about how you’re lost, you are no closer to Monkey’s Brow now than you were when you pulled over. If you decide to go back home and cancel the trip, you won’t find Monkey’s Brow, and if you just sit there without the willingness to find Monkey’s Brow, you simply won’t find Monkey’s Brow. You will only be able to find the town if you are willing to continue driving in the direction it could be in.

This is where direction and having coping methods comes into importance. After you make the decision to keep driving in a direction that is not home, you will need to somehow find a way to get directions to Monkey’s Brow, so you decide to stop at a local hotel you are driving by to ask for directions, hoping that someone is local enough to point you in the correct direction or at least a general cardinal direction to the relative point of the hotel; and you are also hungry and tired so you decide to stay the night.
After you have had your fill, and received a general direction from a polite fellow named Peter pointing you west down a highway, you start driving west down the highway. Since you have eaten and rested, you have more energy to keep driving towards Monkey’s Brow, and you are less likely to stop by a hotel or a restaurant during the day since you have already eaten and rested. These are your coping methods, eating and resting; because these are things you do that helps keep you going. As long as you are willing to keep driving, figure out a direction to drive in (and ask/seek guidance if necessary), and are willing to take a break to make sure you have the energy and motivation to keep going, you will make it through your bad day.

So, the story’s (not a novel worthy one but one I think is fairly worth a short story, maybe changing it to be a terrifying psychological thriller can catch Stephen King’s gaze. Oooh) main theme is constantly moving forward, and is also catered to people with less severe bad days as well. So, if you have clinically bad mental health (long-lasting depression, anxiety etc…) then you will need perseverance, purpose, and coping methods; but you will also require resiliency, patience, and some form of skill-building mechanism. This post is mainly aimed for people having a bad day, as in suffering greatly for a week or less, but feel free to read this and see if you feel inspired by anything, and I will have a follow-up post to this one catered to you (at some point in the future) okay? ^-^

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